Spektrum SPMRFTX1 InterLink DX Simulator Controller (USB Plug)

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Spektrum SPMRFTX1 InterLink DX Simulator Controller (USB Plug)

Designed to be included with controller-equipped versions of the popular RealFlight® RC Flight Simulator, the new Spektrum
InterLink® DX RC simulator controller is so versatile and easy-to-use that it's also the perfect "go to" controller for nearly all RC simulators.

Now there's no need to keep track of multiple different sim controllers. Featuring a USB interface that's compatible with Windows® PC platforms, the Spektrum RC Simulator Controller can be used with many newer versions of RealFlight (RealFlight 8 and 8 Horizon Hobby Edition and above). It can also be used by anyone who runs an RC sim that works with USB game controllers. No additional special software is needed. The Spektrum InterLink DX RC Simulator Controller includes numerous auxiliary controls, switches, sliders and more, giving you the functionality to customize your simulator experience exactly as you wish.

The controller's unique, Spektrum brand quality shows throughout. It features durable, high-quality construction, gimbals with adjustable spring and throttle tension, and an easy-to-use Mode Change switch. The controller also has a trainer port ? so you can use your field radio through the InterLink DX to control simulations if you wish.


   - Compatible with Windows® PC platforms
   - Works with most simulators - no need for multiple controllers
   - High-quality Spektrum gimbals with adjustable spring and throttle tension

   - Plug and play - set up through a simulator
   - Easy to use Mode Change switch
   - Built-in trainer jack allows you to connect and use your RC transmitter with simulators (cords sold separately)

What's in the Box?

    (1) Spektrum RC Simulator Controller
    (1) Product Manual

Needed to Complete

   - Computer with USB port
   - Windows® platform
   - Simulator software

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