RPM 73381 Heavy Duty Rod Ends (12) 4-40 - White

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RPM Heavy Duty Rod Ends (12) 4-40 - White 73381

When it comes to rod ends, we are the basis for comparison! Our rod ends have oversized hexes and our ball cups are molded to the strictest of tolerances. Each rod end is molded from our blend of extremely tough, bulletproof nylons. If you?re tired of popping ball cups and breaking rod ends, RPM rod ends are the solution! RPM rod ends fit all 1/10th scale HPI 4.3mm ballstuds* and all 1/10th scale Associated & Losi ball-studs. Like all of our products, RPM rod ends are guaranteed not to break! Available in Bold Black, Dyeable White, Yellow, Blue, & Purple!

HPI owners:
RPM Rod Ends will not work in conjunction with newer 4.8mm ball studs such as those found on the HPI Blitz and Firestorm line of vehicles. They will only work with HPI 4.3mm ball studs.
 73381  Heavy Duty Rod Ends (12) 4-40 (White)     


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