GPM TRX6ZSP9-OC Interior TRAXXAS TRX-6 Mercedes-Benz-3PC SET

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Interior Part-1PCS
Central Control Interior-1PCS

Product major functions & usage:
Decoration part

Major advantages of upgrading to this part/product :
Transparent in color in order for users to paint different colors according to preference.

Installation Step 1
1. Before applying the color, cut the transparent shell according to the size of the shell and trim off the extra material on the edges.
2. Follow the cutting lines to cut out the center and the seat part.
3. Be careful not to cut too much. More trimming can be done during installation.
4. Apply color once trimming is completed. Note: Remove any oil before coloring.
5. To provide more room, rear body post is recommended to be cut after coloring.

Installation Step 2
1. Once coloring is completed, place stickers according to the corresponding position.
2. Carefully install the steering wheel, foot brake pedal, gear stick and other accessories. The steering wheel is movable, pay attention to the installation direction.


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