GPM TRX4023XX-OC BRASS Crawler-Achsengewichte + 23MM HEX ADAPTER

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23mm Hex Adapter-2PCS
M4x2.5x11 Screw Pin-2PCS
5mm Spring Steel Shims-2PCS
5mm Metal Washer-2PCS
19mm Stainless Steel Hex Socket Screws-2PCS

Product major function & usage:
To increase the weight of each wheel to stabilize the wheel, enlarge the angle of crawling, especially when the car is digging into some low lying area landspaces, grab the ground firmly and smoothly drive back to level.

Major advantages of upgrading to this product:
This part is designed with a bearing in the middle with a delrin collar, the weight pendulum is made narrower on the top and wider at the bottom to allow you to crawl in different angles. The additional weight is kept downward so the crawler is more grabby to the ground and able to crawl in a larger angle.

Other special notes and comments
1. This part is designed uniquely by GPM to install on the outer drive portal to guarantee the gravity of the chassis stays heavy and low.

2. Weight of single pendulum + hex : 133 grams
3. The 23mm widen hex is 18mm wider than the original
4. This product must be used with wheels with inner diameter of 45mm and thread hole of the wheel is needed to be 5mm    

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