Silverback RC Beadlock Rings für HPI Baja 5B SS, 5T, 5SC Gunmetal 319069

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Gun Metal Outer Beadlocks for HPI Baja from Silverback RC.
Äußere Beadlock Rings für HPI Baja 5B SS, 5T und 5SC in Gunmetal. Ohne Felgenschrauben! Verstärkte Ausführung

Take a MASSIVE step-up in durability with the Silverback RC Ultra Heavy Duty Nylon Beadlock Rings. Designed with the weight conscientious racer and/or serious basher in mind , these rings can certainly take a beating! The rings have been designed to offer optimal protection when used on the front or rear wheels of the HPI Baja 5B buggy, 5T trophy truck, and the latest 5SC Short Course Truck.

Manufactured from the ultra durable nylon blend found in our standard outer & inner beadlocks, these lipped outer rings incorporate additional material to help protect your tyre sidewalls from impact damage & tearing. A custom shaped profile has been designed around the screw holes has also been added to virtually eliminate screw 'pull through'. Sold conveniently as a set of 4 outer rings for optimum weight saving & durability. Beadlock screws are not included with this set.

Whats Included

Sold conveniently as a set of 4 outer rings

Gun Metal

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