RPM 82352 Querlenker oben + unten (je 1x) schwarz Traxxas X-Maxx 7729 7730 7731

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RPM 82352 Querlenker oben&unten (je 1x) schwarz TRAXXAS X-MAXX

Immediately after Traxxas released the X-Maxx, RPM customers started notifying us that they needed stronger A-arms that could handle the weight and the punishment these massive trucks can dish out. We reviewed numerous photos of damage to stock A-arms to see where the weak points were, then reviewed a set of new A-arms to see what we could do to improve both strength and durability.

The result... Our new X-Maxx A-arms are designed to be the strongest, lightest arms available! Starting with the upper A-arm, we used our proven A-arm designs from past successful builds to create an upper support structure sure to handle anything you can throw at it! Our lower A-arm has better ground clearance than stock A-arms and has a cross section based off of our proven 1:5 scale HPI Baja A-arms so you know they're tough! We've also created a double support beam on the lower arms to spread impact energy over a larger area, meaning hard hits won't force you into the "walk of shame". They"re also universal fit, which means they'll fit on any corner of your truck! No more worrying which arm fits where.

Tech Notes: Each package comes with one upper and one lower A-arm. This kitreplaces the upper a-arm from stock Traxxas #7729
and replaces the lower a-arm from stock Traxxas #7730 & #7731.Four packages will be needed to complete one full vehicle.

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