Alu Servo Doppel Arm Multiplex RHINO Digi 4/ Hitec 5755MG

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2-sided Alloy Horn for Multiplex RHINO Digi 4 Servo

Also fits Hitec HS-5755MG servo, and other servos with the same spline size such as Hitec HS-805MG, HS-5805MG, HS-5765MH, Savöx SV-0236MG, and SV-0235MG.

Unlike stock plastic arms, this one is indestructible, and an almost essential addition to a servo of this type.

Most users of HPI Bajas just require the standard single-sided servo arms. But, we are now offering these 2-sided arms for those that need them - they are commonly needed for applications like Losi 5ive, FG Modellsport, etc.

Gefertigt aus 6061 billet aluminium.

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